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Payton Achtymichuk

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Available days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Rate per hour: $53-65
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I am a graduate from the University of Alberta Dental Hygiene program applying for temporary dental hygiene work. 


  • I graduated with honours with distinction from the University of Alberta Dental Hygiene BSc Degree Program. 
  • During my 1st ,  2nd and 3rd year I have received scholarships including:
    • The Alexander Rutherford
    • Sherritt’s Academic Scholarship 
  • I have developed skills to be proficient with Axium, Sidexis, Dentrix and Gold.


Other Experiences 

  • Balancing academics, family, sports, and a social life helped me develop myself as a very well rounded, dedicated, and time management oriented individual. 
  • Sports and my education have helped me become a great team player, improve my communication skills, and helped me to become coachable.   
  • My educational, clinical and work experience has helped me to work independently as well as in a team environment.


Professional Experience 

Fort Dental Health Group: April 2016- Present

I currently work full time as a dental hygienist at Fort Dental Health Group. 


Park Dental: November 2015- June 2017

I worked as a dental hygienist at Park Dental covering a maternity leave position. 

Cactus Club Café 2015

I worked as a server at the Cactus Club Café.

  • I had many responsibilities such as answering phones, interacting with customers, taking orders, and organizing reservations.
  • As a server I used my communication and multitasking skills daily.




Sherritt Summer Student 2012, 2013 & 2014

  • During university I worked full time at Sherritt in the Engineering Administration department in the summer.
  • I have acquired many different computer and organizational skills.


Rics Grill 2008-2014

  • I worked as a server at Rics Grill.


Sherwood Park Swim Club 2010-2012

I was a swim coach to children four years old and up. 

  • Shows my leadership ability, dedication, and use of patience in order to help younger kids achieve their goals and improve their skills.


Recent Volunteer Experience

2014-2015, Elders SMILES LTC Program (St. Michaels)

I volunteered to do dental hygiene work at a long-term care facility.

2014-2015, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

I volunteer dental hygiene services at a rehabilitation hospital.

2014-2015, Boyle McCauley Health Center

I volunteer dental hygiene services at a dental clinic put on by students to promote oral health in a low socioeconomic area of Edmonton. 

2015, John A. McDougal School

I volunteered dental hygiene services at a inner city school.

2015, University of Alberta Dental Hygiene Admissions Interviewer

I volunteered to be an interviewer as apart of the University of Alberta dental hygiene admissions process for upcoming 2015 admittance. 

2015, University of Alberta Building a Community Magazine Photo Shoot 


Alexandra Sheppard, Clinical Associate Professor- 780-492-4453

Arlynn Brodie, Dental Hygiene Instructor- 780-492-6883 (w) or 780-292-5808 (c)

Joanne Leakey, Dental Hygiene Instructor- 250-807-6700





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